Kanza Elmes

Marketing Manager


[email protected]

Kanza has been an integral part of Maggie’s team since 2018. Kanza is the lead marketing strategist for all of our team’s marketing platforms, and the creator of all things beautiful when it comes to marketing our properties.  She is a passionate, results-driven member of our team with a goal to effectively communicate each property’s most valuable features to the marketplace through tailored campaigns for each listing we take on.  She is a big thinker with a “glass half full” mindset, always aiming to ensure we exceed our client’s expectations. 

Commitment To Results

“Maggie Lind was professional, sensitive to my particular circumstances, and completely reliable.”

- James D.

“Our house sold in less than a week and she has taken us through bidding wars unscathed. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Alison F.

“You were patient, and knowledgeable. I trusted your judgement.”

- Andrea D.

“They are professional, customer service focused, definite experts in the real estate field, accommodating, and courteous.”

- Adithi M.