We have tested our strategies for years to ensure efficiency and accuracy while your property is being prepared for market. We create a customized marketing plan to reach the inboxes, news feeds, and social channels of our target audience using the extensive platforms we have available. With our vast experience in successfully marketing properties in Toronto, we understand the importance of getting it right on the first approach to the market. These tasks are executed precisely, professionally, and systematically to ensure maximum exposure is reached.

We maintain open dialogue throughout the entire listing process, ensuring our clients remain fully aware of the entire process of our progress from preparations through to the point of closing. We provide our clients with every relevant source of information and as much feedback from buyers as possible to allow them to make informed and confident decisions when selling their important real estate assets.

“The Maggie Lind Real Estate Team provides an unparalleled level of customer service. They have helped us conclude three transactions with utmost care and diligence. Their work sets the bar for the gold standard.” — Theresa C.

The Strength Of Our Team

The foundation of team support behind the scenes of each transaction is unparalleled, ensuring a seamless experience for all of our clients. Maggie has compiled a team of incredibly hard-working, detail-oriented professionals who quietly support your sale process by expediting our over 300-point checklist for each property. Discretion, detail, and precision are guiding principles of our teamwork, and we work collaboratively to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Our Full-Service Approach

‘It takes a village’

Our team members all play a part in the seamless experience our repeat and referral clients have come to appreciate. Outside of our own office, we work with a long list of selected and trusted trades to help us prepare our properties for market.
Whatever your home needs, we have someone on speed dial to assist us in a professional manner that we would expect of someone servicing our own homes. We will guide you in selecting what tasks will enhance the property, then take the responsibility of booking the trades, scheduling their work, and ensuring it has been done to our standard. Everything is done with the view to ensuring your buyers see the best your property has to offer, to assist in producing the highest possible market value on your sale.

Our time-tested, established processes are the backbone of our business. We will take care of every task and decision, big or small, to provide a level of service that exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Our Team's Extensive Market Knowledge

Selling Toronto real estate requires a thorough understanding of the ever-changing market climate, and the ability to pivot on a moment’s notice. Our team studies the market every day, attentively reviewing weekly trends while listing and selling properties with our clients. Being at street level with buyers and sellers every day keeps us on the pulse of the needs of the current market participants and allows us to better anticipate shifts in market trends and demands.

Any agent can provide you with comparable sales data to help guide you on the value of your home, but given the volume of houses we see each week, it is highly likely that we have visited these comparable properties, allowing us to provide you with a more detailed analysis of the true market value of your home. It is beneficial to all of us to ensure you are empowered with the most relevant market information possible so that we can make confident decisions together. A unified front strengthens our position for success when taking your home to market.

Intelligent, Targeted Marketing

One marketing tool does not meet the needs of each property type, each neighbourhood, or each price point in Toronto. Gaining a clear understanding of who your buyer is, where they commonly look for real estate, and what marketing points would excite them are all considered when building our customized marketing plan for your home. We ensure the marketing of your home speaks the right language to your targeted audience, with access to a multitude of local and international marketing platforms through our social channels, Chestnut Park, and our exclusive affiliation to Christie’s International Real Estate.

Our Commitment To You

Our team has the experience to know how to effectively guide you through a very fast-moving market climate, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding your need or desire to trade in real estate. Our sales success proves our abilities, but more importantly, our confident repeat and referral clients are what we feel proves our worth in the Toronto real estate community. We are committed to collaborating with you to ensure a smooth and successful sales process by carefully guiding you along the way with our extensive market knowledge, excellent resources, and long-standing relationships with agents across the city.

Considering A Sale?

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