Chantal Gonzalez

Manager of Listings and Deal Processing

[email protected]

Chantal joined our team in 2020 on a week when we launched seven listings in one day.  She took it in stride, and has continually proven that she is an incredibly capable and loyal asset to our team.  With a colossal understanding of deal structuring, Chantal is responsible for all transactional-based paperwork and works closely with Maggie to effect all listing strategies for all of our properties. Chantal is a strong, passionate individual who brings humour and joy to our workplace, with a daily goal of protecting our clients’ real estate transactions through her thorough and detailed tasks.

Commitment To Results

“Maggie Lind was professional, sensitive to my particular circumstances, and completely reliable.”

- James D.

“Our house sold in less than a week and she has taken us through bidding wars unscathed. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Alison F.

“You were patient, and knowledgeable. I trusted your judgement.”

- Andrea D.

“They are professional, customer service focused, definite experts in the real estate field, accommodating, and courteous.”

- Adithi M.